Fruit Rich In Fiber!

Many people only look at the sugar in fruit and label it as bad. You have to look at the whole food and see there is so much more! We get many vitamins from fruit that our bodies need AND we get fiber, which is important for so many things! Check out the video fromContinue reading “Fruit Rich In Fiber!”

Do You Have Bananas In Your Diet?

When I get up early for a bike ride, the first think I do is get a big glass of water and have a banana. I find that gives me the energy I need to get going! I also love a frozen banana with my chocolate Complete smoothie. What a great combo! There are soContinue reading “Do You Have Bananas In Your Diet?”

Can You Improve Your Sleep With Food And Drink?

What we eat and drink can have a huge impact, positive or negative, on our sleep! If you are having trouble sleeping there are things you can do to help. Check out the video from FOODS4HEALTH for tips!

Where Will Your “Solsbury Hill” Be?

When I taught spinning, I met so many people going through very different challenges in their lives. I also got to make many good friends along the way! Some were training clients who shared the difficulties they were experiencing either in their health journey or personal life. Others you could tell just needed the releaseContinue reading “Where Will Your “Solsbury Hill” Be?”

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