Have You Thought About Pear Juice?

Make a change from your morning orange juice to pear juice!

What Are You Doing To Avoid Getting Sick?

What we can do on a daily basis to avoid getting sick is in the news constantly! Is wearing 2 masks on this list?? Check out the video from BESTIE to find out what you can do to keep from getting sick!

Change “I Can’t” To “I Won’t”!

Words matter. We hear this so much today for many different reasons. Today, class, I want to talk about how you are phrasing your self-talk. I don’t think you have to look in a mirror and give yourself a pep talk to be successful in your health journey, but what you say can make aContinue reading “Change “I Can’t” To “I Won’t”!”

What Type Of Intermittent Fasting Is Right For You?

Fasting has many health benefits for the body and can be used for weight loss as well! There are many different time combinations that you can try so find out what is right for you. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

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