What Is Your Favorite Condiment?

I’ll admit, I love different condiments on sandwiches and for dipping. Check out the video from BESTIE to find out where those calories come from and what you can do to change!

Herbs For First Aid!

Can plants get any better? Are you starting to understand that God gave us what we need to put our bodies in the best position to fight disease and to heal? This doesn’t mean we don’t need the man-made meds but if we aren’t doing the most at home, the other stuff won’t be ofContinue reading “Herbs For First Aid!”

Where Do You Get Your Calcium?

Milk is the best source for calcium right? WRONG!! While it is on this list (I don’t drink milk FYI) there are many better sources for getting it. Broccoli, for example, is a great source and you also get all the other vitamin benefits and fiber from it, which you don’t get from milk! CheckContinue reading “Where Do You Get Your Calcium?”

Good Food Helps The Brain! Pay Attention!!

Good, whole food is essential for function of every part of the body, especially the brain!! This needs to go to EVERY politician to ensure they make the best decisions. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Are all Calories equal when losing weight?

A calorie is a calorie right? Calories in VS calories out is all you have to think about when losing weight, at least that’s what I heard. These 2 statements do have some truth to them, depending on where you are in your weight loss journey. Let me explain. Many people have a very badContinue reading “Are all Calories equal when losing weight?”

Sugar Is Addicting But You Can Combat It!

Sugar can be one of the most devastating things when trying to lose weight and be healthy. Getting past the cravings can be tough! I think that many overdo the importance of protein, however when you don’t have adequate amounts in your diet, it can have adverse affects. Protein can also balance your insulin levels,Continue reading “Sugar Is Addicting But You Can Combat It!”

The Healthy Power Of Carrots!

We all know, or should know, that carrots help with eyesight. And it is well documented that a great American, Bugs Bunny, absolutely loves them and he has looked at all the science on them! But don’t just take his word for it. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

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