Quinoa Can Help Lowering Triglycerides!

Even if you don’t know how to pronounce it, QUINOA (keen-wah) has great health benefits! And it is simple to make so you won’t take too much time. Check out the video from NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG for more!

Licorice Root Has Amazing Health Benefits!

There are incredible health benefits to be had from licorice root, and it gives a unique flavor to dishes! No, this isn’t the same as the candy you buy. Making a tea or adding a piece of the root to food is the best way to enjoy and reap the benefits. Check this out fromContinue reading “Licorice Root Has Amazing Health Benefits!”

Corporate Influence In Poor Food Choices!

I believe we are ultimately in charge of the foods we eat, however the influence companies have with government is a powerful one. There is a reason why we are inundated with commercials for soda and highly processed foods compared to healthy. The processed food industry brings in…get this…$2.2 TRILLION a year! Don’t think forContinue reading “Corporate Influence In Poor Food Choices!”

Wear A Mask And Gloves AND Make Good Food Choices!

Easy now, this isn’t a political statement. And I am not trying to shame anyone for their choices. I simply want you to think about what is happening. I have yet to wear a mask. You can dislike me, say I’m a bad person or do whatever else you need to do. And, I’m notContinue reading “Wear A Mask And Gloves AND Make Good Food Choices!”

Most Nutrient Dense Foods You Can Grow!

Many are looking to grow their own food, which is a great choice to make! The Tower Garden is a great way to grow food easily without much space. Choose foods that give you the best bang nutrient wise! Check this out from NATURAL WAYS for more!

Row Your Way To Fitness At Home!

Rowing has become one of my favorite workouts! You get a fullbody workout that gives both cardio and strength so you can be efficient with your time. When you look at rowers, you will see wind, water or magnetic resistance. What I love about BODYCRAFT is you get both air and magnetic resistance so youContinue reading “Row Your Way To Fitness At Home!”

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