Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda and Water!

Baking soda water is a simple change that can have many healthy benefits! Balancing the pH in your body can help in many ways. Check out the video from NATURAL HEALTH REMEDIES for more!

What Are We Doing To Mental Wellness? Especially Youths?

We are in strange times indeed! Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and that is the way it should be as long as there is a level playing field. It does seem like some some get silenced in order to get another message out. And you can be chastised greatly for trying to get a legitimate point across. A couple of weeks ago I suggested to a friend that you can be responsible AND not wear a mask in public. My friend would have none of it. Too many times have I heard that if you don’t wear a mask you simply don’t care about anyone but yourself. When I don’t wear a mask, I make sure I am 6 feet from everyone, especially those who wear a mask. There is so much fear put forth by the media that I understand many are suffering from anxiety over this, and I don’t want to add to that.

Why, if you have an opinion that counters that of waiting for a vaccine, are you made to feel like you are uninformed? I have spent a majority of my life in the health and wellness industry. I truly believe that if we do more to keep healthy, these “pandemics” will not take nearly the toll that we are lead to believe. However, don’t say that fruits and vegetables, that are known to help the body function properly and get the immune system working, are more essential right now that just waiting for that vaccine that is yet to be developed or tested. You could be told to take something like that down from social media or be labeled as fake. I am amazed at how many have said they will take that vaccine! They don’t even know what it will do or what will be in it!!

Are the long-term affects this will have on people, specifically grade school and high school students, being seriously considered? Over a year ago, a teenage activist became famous with a speech, chastising all adults for stealing her childhood because, in her mind, there hasn’t been enough done about climate change. You can argue if you think she is right or wrong but so many, especially on the left, praised her, as well as lamented the fact that her childhood is gone.

Why am I bringing that up? The school year has ended for most even though schools closed their doors back in March. How many 8th graders are now depressed because they didn’t get to finish out their last grade school days with friends? How many seniors in high school are going to be deeply affected because they didn’t have a graduation or prom? How about the athletes that were looking for the opportunity this spring to get a scholarship? Many are dismissing this, saying they will get over it. However, if in 5 years we start to hear the same speeches from these kids that we heard from the activist of last year, will the left be as sympathetic? I don’t know.

When I think back to grade school over this Memorial Day Weekend, it has so many incredible memories. Our school picnic was always Memorial Day. We had rides, games, food and most of all, friends. Being in a Catholic school, most of these friends were going in different directions. That was the last I saw of them for many years and that 8th grade time left me many wonderful memories! I know that for so many today, they are missing out on those memories. The same could be said for seniors in high school. Again, when I think back, I can almost put myself in the memory of being a senior and finishing that last exam. I remember hanging out with friends that, for 4 years, we grew so much. Those memories have been stolen from these groups forever! I only hope that the same people who listened to the activist and shamed everyone who doesn’t go along with all things climate change, give the same sympathy to this group. They are going to need it.

Health and wellness has just as much to do with the mind as it does the body. Now, more than ever, that needs to be considered!

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The Supplement Industry Is A Joke!

I have partnered with The Juice Plus Company for over 17 years for a very good reason. The have scientific research that backs up the product! Gold standard, placebo research with people, not lab animals. Isolated vitamins are NOT the answer and there is more studies out every year to prove that. We need the power of the whole food today more than ever!

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