Combining Certain Foods Can Be Extremely Healthy!

Food synergy can make a big difference in how the nutrients are absorbed! I am all for making the intake of food as simple as possible, however, some combinations can be worth the effort! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more information!

Cold Water/Shower Benefits Your Health!

Cold water therapy has been used for years to help decrease soreness and improve healing. There are many benefits that go along with that, such as improved circulation and a more alert, better sense of well-being! Check out the short video from NATURAL WAYS for more!

Benefits Of Egg and Avocado In The Morning!

This is one of my favorite morning meals! I like to top it with a little salsa to spice it up a bit. What we start our day off with can make a big difference! Check out the health benefits of egg and avocado from NATURAL SOLUTIONS!

Healthy Lunch Ideas!

Bringing food to work can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your weight under control and being healthy. Teachers will also tell you the healthier the food, the better behaved kids are and they learn gooder! I mean their attention span is better! 🙂 Check this out from BESTIEContinue reading “Healthy Lunch Ideas!”

Herbs &Spices That Relieve Pain!

There are so many natural ways to alleviate aches and pains! Whole food is the answer and herbs & spices are part of that! What do you reach for when you have a pain? Should you go right for the OTC pain reliever? Why not try something natural! Check out the video from BESTIE forContinue reading “Herbs &Spices That Relieve Pain!”

It’s Pumpkin Seed Time!

This is a great time of year for food! When you carve your pumpkins for Halloween, clean the seeds and toast them for a delicious and healthy treat! Of course you can go the easy route and just buy them at the store too. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for the health benefitsContinue reading “It’s Pumpkin Seed Time!”

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