Naturally Lower Blood Sugar Levels!

Eating the right food can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Check out this video from FREE DIABETES AND HEALTH for ways to naturally lower blood sugar!

What Can We Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s?

ALZHEIMER’S is a topic that, unfortunately, we all know someone who is suffering from this disease. As with so many other preventive measures, there is no guarantee but anything we can do to help disrupt the progression of this horrible disease we should do! Check this video from HEALTHY CURES!

5 Meals For On The Go People!

Quick and cheap for meals is easy. What is challenging is adding in the healthy aspect! Breakfast, for kids especially during school, is so important. You can tell the students who eat something good compared to those who are just getting junk. I understand it is a challenge. And when you add in lunch, thatContinue reading “5 Meals For On The Go People!”

Want To Look Younger? Eat Healthy Food!

Everyone wants to LOOK YOUNGER and there is an enormous amount of $$$ to be made with empty promises. The best thing you can do to keep that youthful glow is to eat healthy food! Fruits and vegetables give our skin what it needs to remain healthy and young! Check out the video below fromContinue reading “Want To Look Younger? Eat Healthy Food!”

It’s Healthy Diet & Exercise, Not Vegan & Crossfit!

So many people get intimidated when talking about getting on a health regime because it is force fed to us that healthy and fit “look” a certain way, and usually that is unattainable. We HAVE to push ourselves to our absolute limit, many times over that limit resulting in injury. We can never have aContinue reading “It’s Healthy Diet & Exercise, Not Vegan & Crossfit!”

Food Can Cleanse Your Arteries!

It has been said many times, food can build you up, or tear you down! Clogged arteries can lead to so many cardiovascular issues. Check out the video from HEALTHY LIFE for a list of “must eat” foods to cleanse your arteries!

The Many Healthy Benefits Of EGGPLANT!

I have to admit, EGGPLANT is not one of my favorites, however, there are a few recipes I can take it in. Occasionally, you have to eat things for their nutrition. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES and see what eggplant does for us!

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