The Recumbent Bike Is No Good!

I heard it again! You can’t get a good workout on the recumbent bike. It is made for older people therefore it is not a good exercise.

Everyone has their opinion on what is the best piece of exercise equipment. The recumbent bike probably take the most heat when it comes to efficiency of your workout. Agreed, if you walk into most YMCA’s or community centers, older people are probably riding those bikes with the arm rests and your legs out in front. What I would challenge is that you can’t get a good workout on it.

Many times, when consulting with a new client, they tell me what they do during a normal workout. If they tell me they do the recumbent, the next thing I do is put them on the bike and ask them to set it up how they normally ride. There are 2 things I ask them to pay attention to. First, RPM, or rotations per minute. This is a way to determine how fast you are going. When I tell them to keep it between 75-80, they usually have to increase their leg speed and tell me they don’t go nearly that fast. The second thing to watch is the level of resistance. As you keep the RPM number up and gradually increase the resistance, that heart rate will go up and the calories burned will sky rocket!

If you get off a piece of equipment and don’t feel like you worked out, it isn’t the equipment. You have to take the responsibility to push yourself. There is not a piece of exercise equipment that will do that for you!

Until next time…

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