It’s All About Mindset. Just Ask Dick Harvey!

One thing I loved about my career as a trainer at the YMCA was that I got to meet all sorts of wonderful people! They were from all over the spectrum as far as fitness levels and needs go. Many became friends but one person who was special was Dick Harvey. I met Dick afterContinue reading “It’s All About Mindset. Just Ask Dick Harvey!”

You Have To Put The Work In!

If it were easy, everyone would be at their healthy body weight! If only it were easy. We all know that freak of nature who never works out, has a high fat diet and doesn’t gain a pound. Notice I called them freaks of nature. Somehow, they were born with a gene that allows themContinue reading “You Have To Put The Work In!”

You Have To Get Uncomfortable!

I had an interesting conversation with a woman who is looking to get more strength in her legs and wanted to use a bike. What she was looking for is a bike with no resistance because when it is hard to pedal, her legs hurt. Many times as a fitness professional, you have those straightContinue reading “You Have To Get Uncomfortable!”

The Recumbent Bike Is No Good!

I heard it again! You can’t get a good workout on the recumbent bike. It is made for older people therefore it is not a good exercise. Everyone has their opinion on what is the best piece of exercise equipment. The recumbent bike probably take the most heat when it comes to efficiency of yourContinue reading “The Recumbent Bike Is No Good!”

There Are No Guarantees!

The payoff of exercise and eating right is good health! We spend many hours walking, lifting weights, stretching etc. to keep the excess weight off and muscles strong. Along with that is a healthy diet. The saying you can’t out exercise a poor diet is very true! Especially the older we get, it becomes moreContinue reading “There Are No Guarantees!”

Fuel Kids To Take On The Day!

Long has it been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We need to get a good start after 6-8 hours of sleep. Not only that, when kids head to school they can’t snack throughout the morning so getting something good for that start is even more important. It’s a challengeContinue reading “Fuel Kids To Take On The Day!”

What Can We Do With Recalls On Meds And Food?

It seems like there have been a lot of recalls of blood pressure meds as of late. Maybe a lot isn’t quite right but anytime this happens, it is a big deal. Then we have the recall of food for various reasons. There are so many people that are affected by recalls such as theseContinue reading “What Can We Do With Recalls On Meds And Food?”

Once You Own It, You Will Achieve That Weight Loss!

There are too many excuses out there for weight gain. Fast food restaurants pop up everywhere so they must be to blame correct? Granted, the food choices at those restaurants are not the best but no one is forcing you to go there! We all make decisions on what we put in our mouths andContinue reading “Once You Own It, You Will Achieve That Weight Loss!”

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