How Hard Is Too Hard To Push?

People have told me they want to find out their limits when it comes to exercise. I am a believer in getting results by challenging yourself and getting outside your comfort zone. To me, there is a big difference between getting out of your zone and pushing the limits and this is what I tryContinue reading “How Hard Is Too Hard To Push?”

Have A Healthy Relationship With Food!

Food is a necessity in life. Our bodies are machines and all machines need fuel in order to run. Cars use gas and oil. We need food. More specifically we need fruits, vegetables and berries. The problem isn’t that fruits, vegetables and berries aren’t delicious and nourishing. The problem is that there are so manyContinue reading “Have A Healthy Relationship With Food!”

I Am So Lucky To Have A Fast Metabolism!

I have never hidden the fact that I enjoy pizza or a good bacon cheeseburger. Add a cold beer to that and it’s a party! For good measure, I’m not an ultra-light beer drinker either. I actually like flavor to my beer, no matter how many commercials show athletes having that ultra “beer”. Being inContinue reading “I Am So Lucky To Have A Fast Metabolism!”

I Need The “14 Minute Workout” Piece Of Equipment!

You have seen the infomercial about this amazing, ground breaking idea in the fitness industry haven’t you?? Thank goodness for this cutting edge piece of exercise equipment that allows you to get a fat burning workout in only 14 minutes!! This equipment, and only this equipment, is capable of that! So glad I got thatContinue reading “I Need The “14 Minute Workout” Piece Of Equipment!”

Exercise For Mental Health!

We tend to look at exercise and simply something to keep us fit. I can’t tell you how many clients I have had that need to start working out because they are going on vacation. New Years resolutions are a big start for some, however I would challenge that as Spring Breaks approach, that isContinue reading “Exercise For Mental Health!”

Take Your Strength Equipment To The Park!

There are many pieces of home exercise equipment that are effective for your overall health. When it comes the building strength, I love the Functional Trainers from Hoist and Bodycraft! They give plenty of options and great variety for a full body workout. If you like getting outside, like I do, it can be aContinue reading “Take Your Strength Equipment To The Park!”

I Love The Sounds Of Nature When I Exercise!

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE music fan. More specifically, classic rock and 80s-90s music (unfortunately for me that can be classified as classic). When I was a Spinning instructor, I loved putting together new play lists, although I think the class participants didn’t always agree with my selections :). As IContinue reading “I Love The Sounds Of Nature When I Exercise!”

Workout Smarter, Not Longer!

There are many times I leave the gym only to hear from someone I know say, “leaving already?” I never take offense to this because I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what I need to do. Many feel like you have to spend hours in the gym lifting weights. How many timesContinue reading “Workout Smarter, Not Longer!”

Keto Is NOT The Only Way!

Well, I just got myself in trouble with all the Keto people. I get it, eating according to Keto is all the rage. Bacon…good! Bananas…Bad! I have heard it time and again how you can only lose weight when you are doing Keto. I am NOT, by any means, slamming on Keto. People can eatContinue reading “Keto Is NOT The Only Way!”

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