Don’t Strive For Someone Else’s Perfection

When it comes to healthy eating and exercise habits, we sometimes think we have to be perfect. That idea of perfection is usually put out there by the fitness industry. Perfection should always be what we have envisioned it to be. If you are a runner, for example, you most likely aren’t going to breakContinue reading “Don’t Strive For Someone Else’s Perfection”

How Much Do You Pay For a Treadmill?

This is the time of year everyone is looking to make a change. You may be trying to decide between a gym membership and getting your own equipment. I work with people every day helping them to make the right decision. Then I come across a $400 treadmill that looks like it’s a great deal,Continue reading “How Much Do You Pay For a Treadmill?”

I Have Been “Red-Pilled” With Supplements!

I love The Matrix. An action packed movie to say the least! There is a great scene with the red and blue pill. Neo is given the option to take the blue pill and go back to normal, not knowing anything new. Take the red pill and he sees reality, but can’t go back. IContinue reading “I Have Been “Red-Pilled” With Supplements!”

New Years Resolutions Started Off Strong…Now What??

As hard as it is to believe, we are approaching the end of January! So many healthy resolutions have been made, and we all have been working so hard to keep them! This may be the time when you ask yourself, “now what”? I have been asking myself that this year too. I want toContinue reading “New Years Resolutions Started Off Strong…Now What??”

The Challenges Of Getting Older!

It’s going to happen to all of us! There is a way to fight it , however there is no way to stop it from happening! I fight it every day by trying to eat healthy. This doesn’t mean I am perfect in my eating habits, but making more good decisions than bad is whatContinue reading “The Challenges Of Getting Older!”

Functional Moves…When To Start?

Let’s be sure I make this clear from the beginning…I love functional training and think everyone should be doing some form of it. When performed properly, these moves give great results. The key is to do them properly. What brought this to mind is seeing a young exerciser in the gym, obviously starting out onContinue reading “Functional Moves…When To Start?”

Why Do I Need Strength Training If I Want To Lose Weight??

Most people, when starting a workout program, are looking to lose weight. Yes, there are those looking to gain some weight but overall it is about weight loss. And taking it a step further, fat loss. Let’s face it, we want to lose fat, not muscle. Sounds simple right? Many times people are surprised whenContinue reading “Why Do I Need Strength Training If I Want To Lose Weight??”

Being Active Isn’t The Same As Exercise!

I actually heard this statement the other day… “my doctor told me not to exercise. He said whenever he sees someone on an elliptical, or other piece of equipment, he is just seeing future knee surgery. He said all you need to do is be active”. A couple of thoughts came to me right away.Continue reading “Being Active Isn’t The Same As Exercise!”

Can I Be Healthy and Fit Without Being a GYM-RAT?

There is a stigma, whether you think it is positive or negative, to being a “gym rat”. Working in the fitness industry for many years, I’m sure I was thought of as that. And for as many hours as I spent working I definitely felt like a gym rat! The question for many is “CanContinue reading “Can I Be Healthy and Fit Without Being a GYM-RAT?”

Should You Take a Break From Caffeine??

Nothing hurts me more than to talk about taking a break from coffee/caffeine. There is much out there that says caffeine can help with your health. I recently stopped coffee cold turkey (mmm turkey sounds good) as I started a Shred 10 but I also wanted to see if I could do it. The headacheContinue reading “Should You Take a Break From Caffeine??”

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