Don’t be intimidated by spinning classes!

Throughout my 20+ years in the fitness industry, I was never much of a group fitness type of person.  I would periodically (and when I say periodically, I mean rarely) attend a GF class, usually at the request of an instructor to have a token guy there. Don’t get me wrong, they were challenging, just not my cup of tea.

The one class that intrigued me was spinning.  I have always enjoyed cycling and this took it to a new level!  The great thing about spinning is, even though it can be intimidating and seem impossible, this is probably the easiest class to adjust to whatever fitness level you are.  Many people I have talked to were unsure about this as they thought they had to be an elite fitness person to take a class.  Being able to instruct a good class and walk new people through is a great experience. When you have someone come to you and say they still weren’t sure if it was for them before class, but became a believer after makes an instructor feel great! I had that experience with a client who I encourage to try a class.  She was unsure but did it. Many months later she said that spinning helped her get over the weight loss hump and lose the last pounds she had been trying to lose for a long time!

Next time you feel bored with your cardio routine, check out a spinning class. You won’t regret it!

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