The Olympics Are Awesome!

I have always loved watching the olympics! These athletes are amazing with what they are able to accomplish. Watching the swimming, for example, I am always blown away at how fast they are. I like to swim laps as part of my workout and have never been on a swim team in my life so I am not a fast swimmer, but it is still humbling to compare how fast I am in the 100 freestyle compared to, I don’t know, Michael Phelps. Hey, if you are going to compare yourself to someone, it might as well be the best!
I was watching kayaking and was just in awe and the strength they have to get through the gates in the rushing water. I use to do float trips but they were nothing like what these athletes do! You can go down the list of the events and be amazed when you think about what they are doing, or better yet, try to equal what they are accomplishing. The next time you are in the pool swim a 100 and keep time, then compare that to the SLOWEST time put out in the games. Go to a track and run a 100, and do the same thing. You will be humbled and in awe of all olympians. I probably won’t try any of the gymnastics events and will just assume they are much better than me. 🙂
Be inspired by these athletes to get out and make yourself better! We don’t have to be an olympian to be healthy and fit!

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