When Exercise Isn’t Healthy

I am always fascinated by fitness professionals who are still into beating their clients up for an hour and think it is OK that they can’t walk for the week after leg day. People challenge their abilities all the time, and that is awesome, but the reality is, even though our bodies are made to move, there are limits to that.

I have always been a proponent of pushing yourself when it comes to workouts. Do that, along with good eating, and you will see results. For the vast majority of us who are looking to be healthy and fit, and don’t make a living as a professional athlete, we need to keep in check what we spend our time on. As I have said many times before, exercise should be a part of our life, but shouldn’t take over our life. I have heard time and again people spending ridiculous amounts of time in the gym in the name of fitness. Exercise is very personal for everyone and when you are looking at hitting those goals, you have to do what you have to do. My caution to health seekers is remember that it is about health, and being healthy means being well rounded. If you are known as the gym guy/gal, that isn’t well rounded. If someone is looking for you and the first place they look is the gym, you probably aren’t well rounded. If you are spending an entire Saturday at the gym, exercising, you probably aren’t well rounded.

I would never judge someone for what they do, and there are certainly worse things to spend our time on than exercise. However, remember what I said earlier, exercise should be part of our life, but it shouldn’t take over our life.

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