You Can’t Out-Exercise A Poor Diet

As much as we would like to think that because we went for a run, we can have a bacon double cheeseburger and all will be OK. This simply isn’t true.
When we exercise, we can be a little more lenient with the diet but food is going to trump exercise every time. Especially as we age, this becomes more apparent and we find out, sometimes the hard way, that we really need to watch what we eat.
So many times I have met with a client only to hear that they have been doing the same things but their weight has inched up over the years. This is a prime example that we need to change what we are doing as we get older. Taking in more fruits and vegetables is going to make the real difference because we can have more of them and keep our calories low. When we feel like we are eating the same amount but keeping calories low, that is going to help us keep the weight off!
Start to experiment with your diet and find out what works and what doesn’t. You may not have to cut out everything you like, or may just have to cut back!

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