Should I Exercise On An Empty Stomach?

This has always been controversial, and in theory makes so much sense as to the benefits of fat burning. The idea is that if you don’t eat before you exercise, you will burn stored fat instead of using the fuel from the food. I have trained too many people who either come to me in the morning or late afternoon and as they are training tell me they don’t feel well, maybe a little dizzy and the first thing I will ask is when was the last time they ate. Most of the time they haven’t had anything in a long time. To me, there is too much of a downside to not eating something healthy before a workout. I don’t recommend exercise on a full stomach as that could have adverse affects too but having something such as a banana or apple will give you the good fuel you need to get the most out of your exercise! When I go for my longer bike rides the first thing I do when I get up is eat a banana. I have found that is the best fuel to get me going!
Get something in your stomach for the best workout you can have!

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