Exercise For Stress Relief


Usually the first thing we all think of when it comes to exercise is physical fitness. We see ripped abs, biceps, triceps and buns of steel. All good things but one of the biggest benefits that we get is that of stress relief. Even if we don’t have lofty fitness goals, we all have stressful situations in our lives that need to be addressed. We all deal with this in different ways whether it be eating too much, sleeping, drinking and so forth, but the best way to deal with it is by exercise! Feeling anxious about something? Go out for a walk. Have a big decision to make? Take your bike on Grants trail. You have a stressful person in your life? Join a boxing class! Taking a boxing class can replace you wanting to hit someone! 🙂 You will certainly feel better and over time, will start to see the physical benefits kick in too!
Don’t let stress control you, you take control!

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