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When we think of exercise we typically envision the body and training it. While that is very important, and we do need to keep the body healthy, having a healthy mind and spirit is just as vital and we need to take care of that too.
We constantly have technology at our fingertips with cellphones and other devices. Take time each day to quiet the mind and meditate. Meditation can help alleviate things such as depression, hypertension, insomnia, heart disease and addictive behaviors.
Eat a healthy diet, which is key for all aspects of our lives. Move your body, engage in some sort of physical activity. Take time for restful sleep. Wearing a badge of honor because you go on 3-4 hours of sleep is going to take its toll on you. We need sleep to recharge. Cultivate loving, healthy relationships.

Take time for your spirit and mind. Having all aspects of our lives healthy is very important for our wellbeing.

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