I’ve Tried Everything But Just Can’t Lose Weight!


We tend to make excuses why we can’t lose weight. Bad genes, thyroid issues, age and it goes on. There are some who truly have some issue that makes it difficult to shed the pounds but most of us just need to focus on what goes into our mouths. I know, easier said than done, but it can be done!
Even personal trainers can see pounds added as we get older and need to rethink what we do and make better choices. I finished 2- 10 day shreds and lost 9 lbs, and more importantly, am keeping it off! I did this with a group and everyone saw great results and talked about how much better they feel and found what was a trigger for weight loss. That is the key!
We all have choices to make for every meal. You can make it healthy or make it unhealthy. Being on your health journey doesn’t mean you can never have the foods that you enjoy, and may not be the best choice. It simply means those bad choices just need to be less frequent.

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