Why Am I Strong One Day And Weak The Next?


It is an interesting phenomenon with exercise that one day you feel very strong, or can run forever, and the next workout it feels like the weight you did the time before weighs A LOT more. Or that run that you did at record pace, suddenly your legs feel like they weigh a ton. Why is that? Well, I’m going to give you my expert answer. I don’t know why that is!
That isn’t totally true. The human body is amazing and confusing at the same time. I always encourage my clients to keep a food diary for this reason. When you keep track of what you eat you can go back on the days you feel strong and see what you had. That will give you a good indication of what fuels you. The same goes for when you feel weak. Go back to that diary and check what you had. Most of the time you will get a good indication of what works food wise. You may even want to keep the hours you sleep in that diary. When we aren’t well rested, our performance will drastically decline.
There are many things that can affect how our exercise will turn out. I always finish with this. We watch professional athletes play day in and day out. They have good days and bad days. If pro athletes can have a bad day, so can we!

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