Pass The Beans

Getting protein from non-animal sources begins with beans. This is a no brainer for me as I like to add them to salads to get that boost of protein. But there are many more benefits that beans offer. They are high in fiber which helps to feel full and aids in digestion. They are also low on the glycemic scale, which can help regulate blood sugar. The soluble fiber aids in lowering cholesterol and make them a heart-healthy food! Any time you can help the heart is good. Many are deficient in iron and, guess what, beans are a great source of iron! And getting those B Vitamins is key to lower risk of cardiovascular disease and we get them from beans. Finally,being rich in antioxidants, beans can help to fight cancer cells.
Find ways to get beans into your diet! Add them to eggs and soups, or make them on their own are just a few ideas.

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