Add Beets To Your Diet

Beets are the food of the day! These dark red root vegetables will do wonders for your health as you eat them on a regular basis.
Beets contain nitrates which can help to lower blood pressure. With all the people on BP medications, its great to find natural ways to help get off of those meds! When looking for vegetables, we are always told to eat the rainbow and look for the deep colors. There isn’t a deeper red than a beet! With that, there are cancer fighting agents that do wonders for us. Beets are also shown to detox the body. We hear more and more about inflammation and how it can cause so many problems in the body and beets fight inflammation and helps protect the cells of the body. Athletes are constantly looking for and edge and having beets or beet juice before a workout or race can give them a natural boost in performance and stamina. Improve your eyesight from the beta-carotene found in beets.
Get your beets today and add some variety to your dinners!

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