Sometimes, Not Gaining Weight Is A Victory

I call it your wellness journey because that is what it is, a journey. Making changes in your life is never easy and there are very few people who can make all the changes they need to lose weight and keep those changes implemented. Usually with a consultation we talk about making one or two changes, make them habits and move on from there. Simple changes reap big rewards!
We all know that if we aren’t active and don’t eat right, most of us, over time, will gain weight. It is just normal! Putting a stop to the weight gain is what you have to do in order to begin the weight loss part. This can be very frustrating for people who are looking at the big picture and not fully understanding the “journey”. I know a lot of fitness professionals say to throw away the scale, but the reality is we do need to look at that number, along with other numbers. Getting people to understand that when you step on the scale and see that number stop going up and just holding steady is a victory!
Yes, we need to look at the overall picture but take time to enjoy the small wins along your wellness journey!

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