Are You Afraid Of The Gym?

I know it isn’t rocket science to go into a gym and workout, but it can be challenging if you feel like everyone is looking at you and you aren’t completely confident in what you are doing.
Not feeling comfortable in the gym, especially the free weight area, is one of the biggest reasons people give on why they don’t workout. Granted, some are looking for almost any reason to stay out of the gym but this is something that is very easily rectified.
I like to keep things simple as it can help to ease people into their wellness journey. One thing I love about free weights is there is almost an endless number of exercises to do. This can also be confusing to many newbies. When this comes up I coach clients on mastering a small number of exercises and expanding out from there. For example, do a dumbbell press, one arm row and lunge. Continue these three movements until you are confident and then pick up three more. Before you know it you have an arsenal of movements that will get you where you want to be!
Don’t make it confusing and you will soon look like a pro!

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