Step Your Way To Health

Just like the row machine, the stepper is a piece that is used little but reaps great results! I am amazed when at the gym, people will stand around and wait for a treadmill to open up instead of getting on a different piece of equipment such as the stepper. And don’t try to start that the stepper is bad for your knees. I just isn’t true.
Increasing your aerobic capacity is a great benefit of the stepper. Even those who train endlessly on an elliptical or treadmill will find the change of pace to the stepper will make them feel like they haven’t trained at all! That increase can also be a catalyst for boosting your weight loss, if that is what you are looking for. And since it is low impact, it’s safe for your joints! And do you want to tone and strengthen your legs, especially your calf muscles? Get on the stepper and you will feel that burn and notice results. There isn’t a machine that is easier to operate either. Just step on the pedals and go!
Next time don’t just stand around waiting for equipment. Get on the step machine and feel your stress melt away!

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