Heath Benefits Of Grapefruit


We all know we need to eat more whole foods, specifically fruits and vegetables. Each one has unique properties and nutrients that help our bodies fight off disease and infection. Getting that wide variety is ideal since we do get different benefits from different foods.
Grapefruit is a great way to have a healthy snack during the day or to start your day off in the morning. As it is citrus, the obvious vitamin we get is C, however it is also a good source of Vit A. It’s interesting when you look at the RDA of V-C for a grapefruit is about 60%, depending on size. Why not just do a C supplement when you can sometimes get 500% or more? This comes back to absorption and all the other nutrients in the grapefruit that help that C get absorbed by the body.
The other health benefits of grapefruit are they are good for heart health and can help fight cancers, which makes sense with the V-C. They are also finding that whole foods such a this can help to repair DNA which is huge! It is good for the liver, helps treat gum disease, helps with respiratory issues, such as asthma, boost the immune system which is why V-C gets the fighting cold title, prevent kidney stones and help with healthy pregnancy.
You can see why people swear by the healthy benefits of this. I know I can tell the difference when I have a grapefruit on a regular basis. You will feel more energy and just a greater sense of wellbeing!

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