An Apple A Day…

This saying has been around since I was a kid, and well before that. There is so much truth to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” that we really need to heed this and get back to eating healthy. However it isn’t just an apple that we need to eat. We hear from nutrition experts that we need to eat the rainbow of fruits and vegetables, not just one or two.
When I started sharing Juice Plus the research was a big thing that sold me on it. Over the years, I’ve seen more and more studies come out as the company is dedicated to continual research. Since Juice Plus is actual fruits, vegetables and berries, we can make the connection that the results of JP studies shows us what the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis does for us. Just take a look at the breadth of research that has come out over the 20 years and what it affects. Healthy heart, DNA, immune system, oxidative stress and it continues to go on. Check out the link to see where the studies are done and the results from them.

We are in charge of our health and what we put in our mouths will so much more for us than any medication!

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