Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do to get cardio and strength work in. When I started rowing at the gym it was really by accident. During the busy times when all the popular cardio machines are occupied, you can typically find an open rower to either kill time until your preferred piece opens or get your entire workout in! That happened to me one day and I ended up really enjoying it, especially the results.
Getting into rowing will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as increasing your overall muscular strength. The only other exercise that I know of that will do that is swimming. When you properly row your legs will get a great workout from the push and the upper torso will engage to have a nice strong pullback. It also is low impact so most everyone can do this! You can do a solo row workout or I know of fitness clubs that are now investing in many row machines to hold group classes. And, if you are looking for equipment for the home, a great commercial grade rowing machine is relatively inexpensive compared to other equipment. Pictured above is the Concept 2 rower that you will see in high volume clubs. You can find this piece for under $1000, which may seem like a lot but when you compare to other commercial grade pieces, such as a treadmill, this isn’t much at all. Plus this piece will last you a lifetime!
Try something different the next time you are in the gym and get on that rower! You won’t be disappointed!

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