Is Celery Healthy?

Celery is a great food that gets little credit. It really has so many health benefits, although it has never been given the title of “superfood”. Celery is shown to help lower cholesterol, inflammation and blood pressure. Helping with those three things alone make it, in my mind, something we need to incorporate into our diets right away but there is more!
It can help in the prevention of ulcers as well as help protect liver health. Eating celery is also good for digestion and reduce bloating. There are properties of it that fight off infection in the body and prevent cancer.
The health benefits of whole foods is endless! There is a good reason we are encouraged to eat as many fruits, vegetables and berries as we can because each one gives us something a little different. I like to use celery as an edible scoop when I make things like tuna fish. It is a perfect alternative to putting that into a sandwich as it helps to eliminate the bread! It is also low in calories so it is great if you are looking to lose weight.
Get yourself some celery today, clean and cut it so it is readily available to you on a daily basis!

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