Why Use An Elliptical?


When you step in the gym, there are many different pieces of equipment to choose from. What do you use? One of my favorites has always been the bike to strengthen the legs. My second fav is the elliptical, specifically TRUE Fitness elliptical!
What I like about the elliptical is that there is low impact so if you have joint issues you can easily use this with little discomfort. This is very important for those looking to lose weight but feel they can’t get to the exercise. Also with the elliptical, much like the bike, you can crank up the resistance to get leg strength benefits at the same time. This is something that is lost on the treadmill, for example. They key for doing cardio work is to get the HR up and the elliptical will definitely do that too!
As I mentioned, and pictured here, I like the TRUE elliptical. Most ellipticals now have arm movement too. What is unique about TRUE is you have the ability to really utilize the arms as you can take your legs out of the workout! This is an added bonus for those looking to get some variety in their routine. You can’t do this with the traditional side entry ellipticals.
No matter what you choose remember to challenge yourself with your workouts and you will see fantastic results!

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