What Does A Strong Core Do For You?


When we think of a strong core, usually we picture “washboard abs”. At the gym, we see people spending endless hours working those abs, trying to be like the fitness magazine model. When we train the core, what we should be training it for is real life tasks. Just like all the other muscles in the body, our core is so important for us.
It helps us in everyday acts such as bending over to pick something up or tie our shoes. Turning to look at something behind you and simply sitting in a chair calls on the core too!
Do you have a job that requires heavy lifting? You better take the steps needed to make your core strong. If you suffer from low back pain, it’s time to get some core training in. Especially if you are into a sport as recreation, having a strong core would benefit greatly. Simply standing and having good posture calls on your core.
Understanding that the core is so much more than your abs is key. It wraps around your midsection and goes from just above the knees to just below the chest. Exercises such as planks are vital to make your core strong!

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