I Love To Run Sprints!


I try to run sprints when possible at the track and football field. Its not that they are actually enjoyable, but they do wonders for helping to attain fitness and strength goals. As I’m not a huge runner, I do like the benefits that you get from running so I figured why not just do sprints? Try putting a sprint workout into your routine and some, or all, of the following may happen for you.
Build strength as sprints can trigger muscle building. Lose more fat than you would with endurance running. Expand your endurance if you are a long distance runner. Even marathoners put a speed workout into their schedule. Increase speed and power. If you want to be faster, you have to train faster. Improve your heart health. A big thing with working on sprints is focusing on the recovery time and getting the HR back down after a sprint. This has to do with getting your breathing under control. Build mental toughness. When you are doing a number of sprints in a row, the last few you will have to talk yourself into. Reduce stress, as most forms of exercise does this. Sprints saves time with your workout. You can get more in a short amount of time.
Get the most out of your workout and sprints can help with that!

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