Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

Working in the gym for 16 years, I have watched many people log endless miles on the treadmill. It is the most used piece of equipment in any facility! As with anything, there are pros and cons to both treadmill and outdoor running. As I have wondered if one is better than the other, I’ve asked runners what they like and dislike about both and why.
With the treadmill, there were some obvious pro points such as you don’t have to deal with the extreme weather conditions. When it rains, snows or is very hot people just want to do their workout inside, which makes sense. Some have said they can do speed work more effectively on a treadmill since you can set the speed and it stays there. You are forced to keep up with it! The biggest con with the treadmill that I have found is your legs don’t do as much work. The tread is moving as opposed to when you run outside your legs are propelling you.
When asked about running outside, what most people like is just being outside and enjoying nature. If you are training for an outdoor run, you get the changing wind conditions as well as the natural inclines and declines of the pavement. The biggest con is have to deal with with cracks and potholes in the road, which can cause serious injuries.
What it comes down to is getting your workout it, no matter if it is inside or outside. It just needs to be done!

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