Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

As I talk with people who are frustrated with their progress, or lack thereof, the conversation turns to what they are doing and how they progress. Explaining that getting out of that comfort zone, whether it is cardio or weights, is key to taking that progress to another level.
No matter what we do with exercise, we are getting benefits from it. If we continue to do the same workout, at the same heart rate or lift the same weight, we will stall out on the progress so we do need to continue to challenge ourselves to keep that going in the right direction.
Take, for example, getting on an elliptical and doing your cardio workout for 30 minutes. You set your resistance at the level you always do and get going. You are still reaping the benefits but there are things you can do to up your intensity and get a better workout. Take it up a resistance level or implement intervals into your 30 minutes where you are pedaling faster for 30 seconds and recover for 30 just to name a couple. You will see your calories burned increase!
With the weights, try the next weight up for the exercises you do. While most don’t want to be bodybuilders, adding a little weight to your routine won’t put you in that category and will just give you that boost that you need get past plateaus!
Challenge yourself today to get a little more from the time you put it!

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