What We Really Need To Be Doing To Improve Balance


When people try to work on balance, the first thing that is typically done is to stand on one leg. This makes perfect sense and it would seem to be the best way to improve balance. While this is beneficial, there is something that may be even more important to work on.
Strengthening of the leg muscles is so important for many aspects of our life. Simple acts such as getting up from a chair require strong legs. However, good balance also means strong legs. Doing leg presses and squats will do great things for those with balance issues. Legs are the muscle groups that most people don’t do enough for. We avoid them because it is just more convenient to work the arms and legs are an afterthought. You certainly don’t have to get crazy with the presses but challenging the muscle group is key. And, again, riding a stationary bike would be fantastic for making the legs strong too!

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