Is Gluten Free For Everyone?

Going gluten free is all the rage. People do it for many reasons thinking it will make them healthier or help them to lose weight. While neither of these have actually been proven through research, it seems that by cutting out the foods that gluten is found in could lead to this. I know when I cut out cookies, cakes and things such as these, I feel better and can lose a few pounds. That just stands to reason. It is really more about not having those foods than the fact that there is gluten in them.
Gluten free has become such a buzz term used to market products. I was in the grocery store and saw a bag of chicken and written across the front of the bag was “gluten free”. The last I checked there never has been gluten in chicken!
People can do whatever they want in the name of fitness so if going gluten free is what you need to do, go for it!
I know people who have to eliminate gluten because of health reasons, and this is a serious issue. In some ways the gluten free trend has made it a bit more challenging for them when dining out. Restaurants have become better when trying to distinguish between someone is gluten free for because they want to be or have to be. Someone who chooses gluten free won’t have a problem with cross contamination but when someone has to be this is an issue.

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