Addicted to Exercise?

While exercise is a necessity for us to have a healthy lifestyle, like so many other things we can do too much of it to the point that it becomes an addiction and detrimental. While there certainly are worse things to be addicted to, exercise addictions can have adverse affects on yourself and family. Do you see yourself in one or more of the following?
Exercise becomes your identity. Are you known as a gym rat or when friends look for you is the first place they look the gym?
Fitness is #1 priority, even when it come to family. I’ve known people who once spent time exercising and had a lot of family time only to change and allow workouts to be number one.
Do you beat yourself up for missing one workout? If we workout on a regular basis, missing one day is not going to ruin everything. Yes, if I miss a day I may feel a little sluggish but I don’t let it ruin my day.
If you exercise when injured or sick, you may be addicted. This is something more than just a sniffle or a sore arm. If you are dragging yourself out of bed when you are ill just to get a run in, you might have a problem. And there is a big difference between a little soreness and knowing you pulled a muscle and just want to work through it. Our bodies are trying to tell us something!
You have a poor self image, even when in great shape. This is the person who can’t take a compliment. When you can’t enjoy your hard work there may be something there.
Exercise takes all day or longer than it should and you are a self-punisher. This could go a long with fitness is a priority. We don’t have to beat our bodies into submission in one workout.
I have always said that exercise should be a part of our lives but it shouldn’t take over. Don’t let it take away from other things that should be priorities.

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