I’m going to bulk up!


So many people, especially women, fear that they will bulk up simply by lifting a weight. They see pictures of female bodybuilders and think that is what happens when you weight train. What usually happens next is they will lift nothing heavier than an 8 lb dumbbell. While 8 lbs may be where you want to start, as you get stronger most will be able to lift more.
Strengthening the muscles is essential and lifting heavy enough weight is what needs to happen. While I understand most women don’t want the physique of a bodybuilder, they still need to challenge the muscle to make it stronger. There is a HUGE difference between working out with weights 3 times a week, which is what we need to be doing, and training as a bodybuilder. Those who want to compete are spending hours in the gym daily lifting incredible amounts of weight. The normal set is about 8-15 reps. When we have a weight that we can lift 15 times, while it will tone and strengthen, we won’t see the growth that will make us a bodybuilder.
If bodybuilding is your goal, more power to you! If not, make sure you are lifting heavy enough weight to get the benefit.

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