The 5 Must-Do Weight Moves

Where to begin in the weight room, especially if you are just starting!! I have heard from so many that they are intimidated from going into the free weight area of their gym because they just don’t know what to do. One thing I like about free weights is that there are countless exercises to do that will get you a great routine. If you are new to weights, it is good to start with the basics, master a few movements, and keep adding to your repertoire.
I have always talked about 5 moves that are necessary for everyone to do to make sure you maximize getting all the muscles worked. Obviously, there are many more but you have to start somewhere right?
Dumbbell flat press to strengthen the chest, front of shoulders and back of arms. One arm row on a flat bench strengthens the back, back of shoulders and front of arms. Leg press to strengthen the legs. Abs and arm/leg extension on the stability ball to get the core.
Obviously, there are variations and other exercises to do here but, as I said, master a few movements and keep adding. Soon you will have many to choose from and your routine will be more complete! It is good to work with a trainer to make sure your form is correct and you are getting the most out of it.
Go into the weight room with confidence!

Until next time…

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