Happy July 4th!

This is a great time of year when you are out and see streets lined with American Flags! I have a ride I take down to Jefferson Barracks cemetery, which I recommend everyone get to and pay respect to those who have served our country. It is just a beautiful place to be and we are fortunate to have a National Cemetery right here.
As I began my day this morning at St Peters for mass, Fr. Eddie gave an amazing homily about God and Country. I think I need to just start recording these on my phone because I couldn’t do it justice by summarizing here. Suffice to say, it was one of those homilies that all of our citizens and, especially, politicians could stand to hear.
This is a great country. It may not be perfect but it is so much better than the alternatives and it bothers me to read comments from those from other countries, and those within this country, about how the United States of America isn’t great. I have to say there is no one forcing you to be here or forcing you to come here. And people aren’t flocking to get in here, legally and illegally, because it is so bad. As Forest Gump once said, “Thats all I got to say about that”.
Happy Independence Day!

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