Gym Etiquette

One thing that can be a sore spot for me, as well as others in the gym, is etiquette, or lack there of. Just like other things in life, it is always good to respect your fellow gym goers when working out. With all the added technology now, the list of do’s and don’ts has gotten longer. Here is a list of some of things to be aware of.
Do — re-rack your weights. This includes dumbbells, plates, kettle bells and anything else that could fall in this category.
Don’t — sit on a piece of equipment for an extended period of time not using it. Nothing is more frustrating than watching someone take up a machine and not really working out.
Do — wipe down equipment if you are a sweaty person. Not everyone sweats in the same amount when exercising. When doing cardio, most likely everyone is going to sweat to some degree and you should wipe down after every use. When lifting weights, not everyone sweats but if you do, be considerate.
Don’t — spend time on your phone. This includes talking, texting, taking pictures or anything else. You are there to exercise!
Do — wear proper attire. Everything that should be covered up, is covered up.
Don’t — drop weights or make obscene noises. If you can’t lift a certain amount of weight, don’t try it. Dropping weights makes a lot of noise and is hard on the equipment. I don’t want to wait for replacement dumbbells or equipment repairs because someone feels the need to attract attention.
Do — come to the gym at least not smelling horrible. Yes you are going to exercise and sweat but that doesn’t mean you need to come that way.
Don’t — wear cologne or perfume. This doesn’t go against the above “do”. Its obnoxious to be around someone who has overwhelming Polo on.

This list could go on but you get the idea. Going to the gym is like anything else in life. Be considerate of others and all should be good.

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