Float Like A Butterfly.

I have always loved the sweet science of boxing. When I was in high school, Mike Tyson was wreaking havoc in the heavy weight division and it was a sight to see. This was, of course, pre-MMA and Ultimate fighting.
A couple of years into college I trained for a short time at an old boxing gym before it was a cool workout. It was an amazing way to train and the results were awesome! Jumping rope, hitting the heavy bag and speed bag, sparring for 3 minute rounds and just the constant movement will get you in great shape. You don’t see too many boxers carrying extra pounds. If you are looking for a new way to train, check out any of the boxing clubs that are now the way to go!

Pokemon Go – Part 2

This has been an amazing phenomenon that truly encourages people who normally wouldn’t be out walking, to get to parks, trails, neighborhoods and so forth. I was at Tilles Park this morning and it was crazy with people walking around looking at their phones! It was a nice morning temperature- wise but you could tell there were a lot of individuals, and groups, who would not normally be out on a Saturday morning! This is great stuff!!
I say download the app today and get hunting!

The Total Gym

Anything Chuck Norris does is cool! That goes for workout equipment too. When looking for home equipment, you want something that doesn’t take up much space but is effective, so you get results. I love my TRX because of the mobility of it but the Total Gym is a great piece that will give you an amazing workout at home without taking up all your spare space!

You Can’t Out-Exercise A Poor Diet

As much as we would like to think that because we went for a run, we can have a bacon double cheeseburger and all will be OK. This simply isn’t true.
When we exercise, we can be a little more lenient with the diet but food is going to trump exercise every time. Especially as we age, this becomes more apparent and we find out, sometimes the hard way, that we really need to watch what we eat.
So many times I have met with a client only to hear that they have been doing the same things but their weight has inched up over the years. This is a prime example that we need to change what we are doing as we get older. Taking in more fruits and vegetables is going to make the real difference because we can have more of them and keep our calories low. When we feel like we are eating the same amount but keeping calories low, that is going to help us keep the weight off!
Start to experiment with your diet and find out what works and what doesn’t. You may not have to cut out everything you like, or may just have to cut back!

That Stretch Of Grants Trail By The Stables

There are people who love to bike Grants Trail and those that don’t like it. I am one who enjoys it and there is an especially great stretch that goes along the stables. If you are out early in the morning, there are normally many Clydesdales out. This is an awesome sight that makes it worthwhile to be an early riser! Having different motivations for exercise is key and for me, this is definitely one of them. I have always loved seeing the Clydesdales at Cardinal events and more and more now they are out on display at different venues. They are truly amazing animals so get out of bed early and get on the trail!

This Just In! If You Don’t Post a Picture Of You Working Out, It Doesn’t Count!

Make sure you get a picture of you at the gym, otherwise it won’t count as one of your workouts and you will have to do it all over again! A new study found that out of 150 participants, 75 posted pictures and 75 did not post a picture in workout mode. The 75 who did post a pic had a 45% higher caloric burn and lost, on average, 5% more body fat than those who did not post a picture.
And if you get a video of said workout, well, the results skyrocket from there! I wanted to be safe so I have one of my workouts here.

Boost Your Metabolism With Squat Jumps

Getting a bigger caloric burn and really kicking up the metabolism is what we want. We always hear about someone who can eat what they want because they just burn it off with their high metabolism. Usually this doesn’t just happen. Getting a higher metabolism is a product of regular exercise and interval/high intensity workouts. Squat jumps are something you can implement into your routine even when going out for a walk! You will see the results and really feel the entire body getting stronger because of all the muscle groups involved!

A Tomato A Day…

One of my favorite things during the summer is having fresh tomatoes from the garden. I grew up spoiled by this as my parents always kept a garden in the yard and they still do! Unfortunately, it did ruin buying tomatoes from the grocery store because there is no comparison. Vine ripened tomatoes are juicer and have so much more flavor. And when you look at the health benefits, you can’t go wrong. The big one with tomatoes is they are rich in lycopene, which is shown to fight prostate cancer, but there are many other benefits too. They also contain beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as potassium. You just can’t go wrong adding them to salads, sandwiches or just eating one by itself. It makes a great snack!