Healthcare or Diseasecare? We need to take control of our health! Listen to Dr. DuBois here briefly talk about what we need to do!

I Eat Enough Fruits And Vegetables Just about everyone I have trained and discussed how they eat tell me the same thing, “I eat heathy and get plenty of fruits and vegetables”. Usually, as we continue to talk, the truth comes out. Like many people in this country, they eat a banana, and maybe an apple, along with a lettuceContinue reading “I Eat Enough Fruits And Vegetables”

It’s All Water Weight This has become the mantra of almost everyone who has started a weight loss program and sees good results right away. You lose a few pounds quickly so it must be water weight. While it is true that there may be some water weight loss, I wouldn’t attribute it all to water, and IContinue reading “It’s All Water Weight”

Can I Lose Weight Too Fast? This is something that is talked about when people change a lifestyle and see immediate results. It has come up with me this past week as I have been working with groups do a 10 day Shred. Can weight loss happen too fast? Weight loss isn’t going to happen the same from person toContinue reading “Can I Lose Weight Too Fast?”

Between Extreme Exercise And Couch Potato I think it is very interesting what has gone on in the fitness industry in the past 15-20 years. I’m sure it has been building for a longer period of time but has really taken affect recently. If you are on Twitter or Facebook you would think that in order to exercise properly, youContinue reading “Between Extreme Exercise And Couch Potato”

How Heavy Should I Start With Weights? This is one of those questions that clients always ask, and the response isn’t as easy as just throwing out a number and saying “go for it!” When someone is new to exercise, my answer to what dumbbell they need to grab is typically, lets go light, we can always add weight if itContinue reading “How Heavy Should I Start With Weights?”

Taking Responsibility For Your Health! In case you haven’t heard, we have a health crisis in this country. The problem, as I see it, is that everyone wants to focus on how to get healthcare (sickcare) at an affordable rate. I shouldn’t say it is a “problem” as we do need healthcare, but what we really need to focusContinue reading “Taking Responsibility For Your Health!”

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