It’s almost go time!

We are days away from starting those New Years resolutions.  I don’t really know the stats but I would bet that the thing people resolve to change the most is their health/fitness/wellness habits.  Gyms all over are building up their sales staff to be able to handle all the new people rushing to start their healthy lifestyle.  

Why are fitness goals at the New Year so easily put aside?   I think the biggest reason is that people make the goals too lofty to start.  If you are new to exercise, there is no reason to think you are suddenly going to work out every day.  That may be something you will work up to but it is best to start with something that is attainable and build from there.  Three days a week is a great way to start.  Get a good combination of weights and cardio and you are on your way. 

I can help you with your program or other questions you may have to keep the resolution going past February!

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