It’s the most stressful time of the year.

There is a wonderful reason that we celebrate Christmas.  Even though the birth of Jesus should make for a peaceful time, we have made it into a crazy time.  Just look at some of the footage of black friday sales.  

We stress out over getting gifts, eating, going to parties, cooking, baking, eating, buying more gifts…you get the idea.  The stress alone is enough to affect your health.  Exercise is a great way to lower that stress level and we have talked about making those other meals in between parties count.  

I have been sharing Juice Plus for about 11 years now.  There is a reason that I have been faithful to the product and the company.  17 fruits and vegetables for $1.50/day is hard to beat, especially when you know that this is backed  by 20 years of independent research.  No other product can say that.  Juice Plus is amazing but in the past 11 years I have learned more about The Juice Plus Company.  A 40 year old debt free company that has over 9 billion in sales.  In a time where all we hear about is greedy CEOs and companies that are in financial stress it is great to be associated with one that has a lot of common sense.  They want to put the best product out and help their distributors be successful.  That success could be $200/month to help pay bills or more depending on how much you want to share.  

If you a looking for extra money for Christmas and beyond and are applying to places like Target and Walmart, apply with me too.  The fit may be good and it may not be.  You won’t know unless we talk.   

Until next time…

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