You made it through Thanksgiving!

That's right!  We all made it through that BIG meal, some maybe two BIG meals.  Right now that leftover pumpkin pie is staring at you, daring you to have it for breakfast.  Don't give in!  You can have those leftovers, just when you should.  The problem with having pie for breakfast is that you will probably … Continue reading You made it through Thanksgiving!

Goal setting for your health/fitness

Having your goals  challenging AND attainable is important.  When I sit down with a new client this is something we always talk about.  Two things need to be figured out.  First is what are your goals.  Settings goals and having something to work towards can be very motivating and vital to many.  I speak with … Continue reading Goal setting for your health/fitness

Machine weights VS. free weights Is there really a difference between using free weights and machine weights?  Is it true you work the muscle better with free weights?  Are free weights really free or is that a bait and switch technique used by gyms to get you in the door?  🙂 The fact that you have to balance the … Continue reading Machine weights VS. free weights

It’s all McDonald’s fault!

Fast food is all around us today.  You can't drive down the street without being able to drive-thru somewhere and getting a quick "meal".  I say "meal" because these are typically calories only, no nutritional value.   It's no wonder there is a problem with weight and health in this country.  I'm going to go out … Continue reading It’s all McDonald’s fault!

Healthcare is expensive!!

Newsflash!  The issue of healthcare is in the news!  You see, people are arguing on how to make healthcare affordable and who can do that the best.  It is pitting politician against politician and I know this may just sound crazy, but even though there are all these educated politicians involved, things are a big … Continue reading Healthcare is expensive!!

Let food be thy medicine…

Superfoods.  We hear about them all the time.  A different fruit, vegetable or berry is named a superfood and everyone gobbles that food up thinking that is all they have to eat.  Then the supplement industry jumps on board and sells a pill that may or may not have any of the good stuff in … Continue reading Let food be thy medicine…

Celery–an unsung hero

Celery isn't flashy like blueberries or the acai berry.  It doesn't crave the attention of the avocado.  However, just because celery is humble does not mean it isn't beneficial.It can help lower blood pressure, can reduce the "bad" cholesterol and can help to regulate our bodies alkaline balance.  There is magnesium in celery to help … Continue reading Celery–an unsung hero

Eat your fruits, vegetables, beans and berries!

There is no way of getting around this.  We put gas in our cars to make them run, and our bodies also need fuel, the right fuel.  We have fooled ourselves into thinking the so called food we get from a drive through is the right stuff.  Man made "food" is not the right fuel … Continue reading Eat your fruits, vegetables, beans and berries!