I hate to exercise!

I hear this all the time from people.  This is a tough obstacle to overcome for so many.  There are those who can’t wait to get to the gym to lift weights or go out for that run/ride.  They may not truly understand the health benefits they are getting for exercise, or maybe they do.Continue reading “I hate to exercise!”

Taking responsibility Part 2

Back in May I shared a story about my friend, Terry, and his weight loss journey.   At that time he has lost around 160 lbs.  His dedication was inspiring to me and caught the attention of many others.  He has taken responsibility and there is no sign of him giving up!   Yesterday heContinue reading “Taking responsibility Part 2”

Taking responsibility for your health and fitness

There are many reasons people are successful with their fitness endeavors, and just as many reasons they are not successful.  Those that are able to reach their goals, and more importantly, maintain those goals usually have taken responsibility for not being in the best shape and have also said it is up to them toContinue reading “Taking responsibility for your health and fitness”

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