The Cardinals are in the World Series….Lets eat!!

What is it about major sporting events that cause us to over-indulge?  Any other day of the week I would be perfectly content with a salad and a piece of fish for dinner but for some reason when game 1 starts, all I’ll be thinking about are nachos and an ice cold frosty one.   Grab some buds, head for the mountains and order up the brats and nachos.

I’m not trying to use this to confess to my bad eating habits simply because these aren’t my regular eating habits.  I have always said it isn’t those individual days that cause us to gain weight but having overall bad habits are the problem.  If you exercise and eat healthy on a regular basis then you can enjoy some of these things.  We get into trouble when the fattening food and drink become regular and the healthy eating and exercise are sporadic. 

If you know you are going to be with friends enjoying the game in the evening make sure you don’t skip out on the workout and order the salad for lunch.  

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