Taking responsibility Part 2

Back in May I shared a story about my friend, Terry, and his weight loss journey.   At that time he has lost around 160 lbs.  His dedication was inspiring to me and caught the attention of many others.  He has taken responsibility and there is no sign of him giving up!  

Yesterday he sent me a text after weighing in and he is now down a total of 240 lbs!!!   This is truly amazing and when I talk with Terry I can tell he will reach his ultimate goal as he continues to work hard and pay attention to what he eats.  

What a motivating story and person!  Thanks, Terry, for sharing this.  Keep up the great work!

One thought on “Taking responsibility Part 2

  1. You are very welcome Jeff. Thank you for showing me the weight room. Aside from Busch Stadium and my beloved Cardinals, the weight room is another home away from home. To anyone who does not believe they can do it, please believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO IT!

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