Should I work through pain?

We have all heard that hard core mantra, “no pain, no gain”.   If you weren’t hurting you simply weren’t doing enough.  There is a line that can be crossed into doing more harm than good. First, you have to determine the difference between good pain and bad pain.  If your muscles are sore that isContinue reading “Should I work through pain?”

Weight gaining dangers in winter

Now that the temperatures are dropping and there is less sunlight, the challenge to lose weight becomes more difficult.  One big reason is that the outdoor activities drop off dramatically in the winter.  Cutting your lawn on the weekends is a great calorie burner.  Going to the pool a couple times a week can beContinue reading “Weight gaining dangers in winter”

The Cardinals are in the World Series….Lets eat!!

What is it about major sporting events that cause us to over-indulge?  Any other day of the week I would be perfectly content with a salad and a piece of fish for dinner but for some reason when game 1 starts, all I’ll be thinking about are nachos and an ice cold frosty one.   GrabContinue reading “The Cardinals are in the World Series….Lets eat!!”

How frustrated are you?

There is nothing worse than spending hours in the gym and not getting results, whatever those results may be.  This can drive the most dedicated person crazy.  Instead of going through a workout, it is probably more effective to sit down and talk about their goals, what they are doing and what to change.  Aren’tContinue reading “How frustrated are you?”

What diet/cleanse should I choose?

To go on a cleanse for a week seems to be something many are doing.  I am told a lot by people that they are going to start said cleanse that following Monday and so they are going to eat and drink what they want until then.  Or, they are going on one of theContinue reading “What diet/cleanse should I choose?”

Do you know what is really in your supplement?

You open your favorite fitness magazine and there is an advertisement for a supplement that will make you ripped, help you lose those pounds or give you tons of energy.   That magic we are all looking for is right there on the shelf at GNC. If you aren’t concerned about your health and interestedContinue reading “Do you know what is really in your supplement?”

Want to lose stomach fat?

If you want to lose inches on your waistline, spending all your time doing crunches will do little.  It will make your abs strong but if your goal is to lose fat you would be wise to spend it doing other things.   As I have said before, making those big muscle groups strong willContinue reading “Want to lose stomach fat?”

It’s getting close!!!!

Don’t hate me for bringing this up but seeing halloween candy in the stores for a month now requires me, as someone in the fitness industry, to talk about the upcoming months.   Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years happen every year people!  Throw in there all the parties that will go along with thisContinue reading “It’s getting close!!!!”

Are carbohydrates really bad for you?

Low carb/no carb diets seem to be the rage.   Those poor carbohydrates are getting blamed for weight gain everywhere.   We have to eat more protein and eliminate the carbs.  There is an element of truth to this but we have to be able to differentiate between good and bad carbs. A lot ofContinue reading “Are carbohydrates really bad for you?”

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